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9/1 Big Off-Label Convo the Day After the Election
FDA to hold long-awaited meeting to review off-label marketing .... The upcoming meeting, which will be held on Nov. 9 and 10 at FDA offices in Silver Spring, Md., is supposed to give the public a long-awaited chance to convey their opinions and debate the issue.... the agency poses several potential questions for which it hopes to receive responses about the pros and cons of off-label marketing .... Stat/Pharmalot

9/1 WTF? Novartis Blows Up CAR-T Unit; Lays Off 120
Scoop: Novartis disbands its pioneering cell and gene therapy unit .... The move is a stunner for many in the CAR-T field, especially after all the hoopla at Novartis around its work .... Endpoints

9/1 1 in 3 Opioid Overdose Deaths Also Involve Benzodiazepines; FDA Adds Black Boxes
FDA strengthens warning over opioid/sedative combination .... The agency is requiring that black box warnings, the strongest available, be added to nearly 400 products, alerting doctors and patients that combining opioids and benzodiazepines can cause extreme sleepiness, slowed breathing, coma and death .... Reuters

9/1 A Competitor to EpiPen Could Already Be on the Market if FDA Hadn't Got Caught Up on a Plastic Cap
Plastic Cap Is Crux of Mylan Argument Against Teva's EpiPen .... Unlike Mylan's one-cap EpiPen, Teva's proposed substitutable generic version has two caps, including a removable one that covers the spot where its needle extends.... Mylan cited that difference as the key reason the agency should reject Teva's generic .... Bloomberg

9/1 Positive NEJM Study for Portola's AndexXa
Drug quickly counteracts deadly bleeding in people on blood-thinners .... Twelve hours after treatment with andexanet, 79 percent of the patients with dangerous bleeds were judged to have good or excellent control over the bleeding. The success rates were comparable for both gastrointestinal and in-brain bleeding. .... Reuters via Fox News

9/1 Biosimilar Sales Estimated at $20 Billion by 2020
Novartis Taps Biosimilar Experience in Europe to Snag U.S. Sales .... Biosimilars tend to be introduced gradually as hospitals wait to treat new patients rather than switch existing ones, said Ariel Dora Stern, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School .... Studies have estimated savings from biosimilars, compared to the original drugs they mimic, to be 10 percent to 50 percent .... Bloomberg

9/1 Subsys Prescribing Records Show Dependence on a Few Heavy Hitters
Connecticut Pain Clinic's High Prescribing Of Cancer Drug Extends Beyond Nurse .... Four nurses, all of them affiliated with a Derby pain clinic, were responsible for nearly all of the state's 2014 Medicare spending on the powerful opioid painkiller Subsys, which is at the center of a kickback probe .... Hartford Courant

9/1 One Patient Costs Insurer $1 Million a Month; Rates for Everyone Going up 40%
One Wellmark enrollee filed $18 million in 2015 claims .... For 2014, 2015 and 2016, the ACA provides a reinsurance fund to help insurers pay the bills of individual policy insureds with catastrophic claims, but the maximum amount of claims covered is just $250,000 .... LifeHealthPro

9/1 Think-Piece: "Good Pharma" vs. "Bad Pharma"
Innovators vs Exploiters: Drug Pricing And The Future Of Pharma .... In my opinion, Mylan's EpiPen story is a glaring example of crony corporatism and what's wrong with the healthcare system: a politically-connected company, selling a half-century old generic product that's simple to make, manages to exploit its government influence-peddling muscle to drive relentless price increases .... Life Science VC blog

9/1 Needle-less Flu Vaccine Approved
FDA Approves Afluria Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine for Adults .... In a randomized, double-blind, active-controlled trial involving 3,449 subjects 18 years of age and older, Afluria Quadrivalent demonstrated noninferiority to two trivalent influenza vaccine (TIV) comparators for all influenza strains contained in the vaccine .... PTCommunity

9/1 Podcast Pundits on Pfizer's Acquisition
Is Pfizer Paying Too Much to Buy Medivation? .... Pfizer is buying it because Xtandi already has 51% of the market in its two approved prostate cancer indications. The addressable market, in earlier treatment for prostate cancer, is absolutely massive. I've seen numbers tossed around for peak sales forecasts for this drug that go anywhere from $6 billion to $9 billion per year .... Motley Fool

9/1 Very Little Public Awareness of Biosimilars
What do patients know about generic biotech drugs? .... Overall, just 38 percent of the survey respondents (who had irritable bowel disease or Crohn’s disease) had heard of biosimilars .... Reuters

9/1 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Radiologists Can Detect Subtle Breast Cancer In Split Second, Study Finds
WBUR Commonhealth
Online tools help people improve their health but need more study
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Files Suit Over Anti-Inversion Regs

8/31 Sandoz's Erelzi Approved, Biosimilar for Enbrel
FDA Approves Third Biosimilar in US, First for Amgen's Blockbuster Enbrel .... Clinical studies that helped the approval of Erelzi included four comparative pharmacokinetic studies in 216 healthy volunteers and a confirmatory efficacy and safety similarity study in 531 patients with chronic plaque psoriasis .... Regulatory Focus

8/31 PBM Gets Retail Partner
Walgreens to partner with pharmacy benefit manager Prime Therapeutics .... The companies will combine their central specialty pharmacy and mail order service businesses and introduce a new retail pharmacy network that will give Prime Therapeutics' customers access to Walgreens' pharmacy network .... Reuters

8/31 Health Mart Highest Rated Retail Pharmacy by JD Power
Customer Satisfaction Remains High as Pharmacy Services, Delivery Methods Evolve .... Health Mart ranks highest overall among brick and mortar chain drug stores (898 on a 1,000-point scale), performing particularly well in the store; non-pharmacist staff; cost competitiveness; and pharmacist factors. Good Neighbor Pharmacy ranks second (896). .... JD Power

8/31 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Spending Up 17% in 2014 vs 2013
Prices on 200 Drugs Surged 50% in a Year, Medicare Data Show .... Six of the top 10 most costly drugs in 2014 had double-digit increases in the cost per individual claim. AstraZeneca's acid reflux drug Nexium topped the list in terms of cost in 2013, but was bumped to second in 2014 by Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi .... Bloomberg BNA

8/31 Specialized Pharmacies Better for HIV Patients
Walgreens: HIV patient adherence higher at specialized pharmacies .... The number of patients who reached the required adherence level -- a proportion of days covered (PDC) of more than 0.9 -- climbed by 20.8% versus patients using traditional pharmacies .... Chain Drug Review

8/31 Mylan's Generic EpiPen Sales Model Will Cut Out the Middlemen
How the generic EpiPen could actually be more profitable for Mylan .... Cutting out the middlemen to sell directly to patients means that Mylan can pocket the full $300 price -- and may actually make as much as $26 more on the generic for every unit it sells, depending on the cost of shipping and manufacturing .... Stat

8/31 Entresto Cost Estimated at $47,053 Per Quality-Adjusted Life-Year Gained
Sacubitril-Valsartan Reasonably Cost-Effective in Heart Failure .... The sacubitril-valsartan group experienced 0.08 fewer heart failure hospitalizations, 0.69 additional life-years, 0.62 additional quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs), and $29,203 in incremental costs, for a cost of $47,053 per QALY gained .... HealthDay News

8/31 Tardive Dyskinesia Drug Maybe Helpful for Other Involuntary Movement Disorders
Neurocrine steers its 'breakthrough' tardive dyskinesia drug to an FDA decision .... Company execs are already building a marketing group for the drug, valbenazine, which has achieved a breakthrough drug designation that could put it on track to an approval as early as next spring .... Endpoints

8/31 PBS Rediscovers Polypharmacy
Has overmedicating seniors become 'America's other drug problem'? .... Older adults account for about 35 percent of all hospital stays but more than half of the visits that are marred by drug-related complications .... Kaiser Health News/PBS Newshour

8/31 ACA Exchange Subsidies Will Include Prescriptions
CMS Adds Prescription Drug Data to 2018 Risk Adjustment .... The proposed change will likely be seen as a win by insurers and drugmakers, who have argued that insurance plans will be more accurately compensated based on the health status of their enrollees if the cost of prescription drugs is taken into account. .... Morning Consult

8/31 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Your Tattoo Might Have Printer Ink or Car Paint in It
More teens get needed vaccines in 'blue states'
Doctors usually think bigger hospitals offer better surgery. Turns out, we're wrong.
Doctors rank their favorite EHRs
Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Survey: Consumers lax in using OTC pain relievers safely
Chain Drug Review

8/30 Fast Takes
As More Parents Refuse Vaccines, More Doctors Dismiss Them -- With AAP's Blessing
Zika likely spread sexually from asymptomatic man to woman: study
FDA Grants Orphan-Drug Designation for Regenicin's NovaDerm® Cultured Skin Substitute
Company Press Release
Health exchanges, Obama administration challenged by recent insurer exits
Purdue Pharma rejects request from New Hampshire attorney general for information on suspected diversion of OxyContin
LA Times

8/30 Epipen: Mylan Cuts Price In Half, Gives It New Name
- Attempt to salvage reputation
Mylan to Offer a Generic EpiPen at Half the Price …  "The weirdness of a generic drug company offering a generic version of its own branded but off-patent product is a signal that something is wrong … even at $300, the generic would still be triple the price of the EpiPen in 2007, when Mylan acquired the product …[NY Times]

Etiology Of Mylan's Greed
- After competitors dropped out for various reasons, Mylan went on spree of price increases
How Payers Contributed to the EpiPen Pricing Controversy …  increased the price of its EpiPen 17 times … in October, Epipen's main competitor Auvi-Q was pulled off the market. The product had ~10% market share, which Mylan quickly captured (current share is ~94%) … 15% in November and by another 15% in May. We estimate that Epipen experienced a 27% YoY net price increase in 2Q YoY.

Billionaire Admits Betting On Valeant Was Dumb Move
- "I never owned a stock that went down 90%"
Bill Ackman: 'We made one very big mistake' with Valeant and lost big time … We normally invest when shareholders have lost confidence in management … not just management, shareholders lost confidence in the numbers. The financial statements were delayed. There was a potential default … [CNBC]
Editor's Note: By March, Ackman (actually his hedge fund) lost $2 Billion on Valeant.  Had he dumped it last summer, he would have been up $1.66 Billion.

8/30 Sanofi, Amgen: PCSK9 Drugs Cut Down On Expensive Procedure For Patients With Rare Disease
PCSK9 Inhibitor Alirocumab May Cut Reliance on Apheresis in FH … Apheresis, which is done weekly or biweekly, costs $50,000 to $75,000 per year. The reason is the machines that are used; the kits are throwaways. "The supplies are costly. It's also time-consuming for nursing …[ Medscape]
Editor's Note: Out of a world population of 7.4 billion, 10 million people are thought to have FH (familiarial hypercholesterolemia).  Unfortuneately, the above cited report does not mention the effect the drug had on cardiovascular outcomes (if it cut down on ailments such as stroke or heart attack).

Got Double Chin?
- Inject this stuff into double chin and "poof", it goes away
Proud Kybella users bare their fat-free chins in Allergan's new DTC ad push … Neck coverings that obscure double chins they're embarrassed to reveal … high expectations for its new marketing push, whose activities have included a partnership with Khloι Kardashian …[ Fierce Pharma]
See Also: Before and after pics.   

China Drug Sales to the U.S. Grow Despite Safety Concerns
In China From Chinese Regulators
China Drug Sales to the U.S. Grow Despite Safety Concerns at Home …  [Chinese] exports of pharmaceutical products and health supplements worldwide jumped 3 percent to $56 billion last year … 5,000 drug factories supplying the domestic market and more than 500 facilities registered to sell to the U.S. …[Bloomberg]

Fast Takes
PCSK-9 Inhibitors Could Raise U.S. Healthcare Costs by $119 Billion a Year
Motley Fool
Vanda Pharmaceuticals fends off patent challenge to schizophrenia med Fanapt (iloperidone)
Washington Business Journal
Drug and Device Makers Pay Thousands of Docs with Disciplinary Records
Amid layoff fears, AstraZeneca stakes a 'For Sale' sign on US campus
Generics creep in as Teva loses two Copaxone patents
Biopharma Dive

Mylan Coupon Olive Branch Fails To Deflect 480% Price Hike
- Is Mylan is the new Valeant? CEO to be subpoenaed by congress
Mylan's EpiPen Price 'Cut' An Outdated Drug Industry PR Move  … trying to re-frame a pricing problem into a coverage problem … members of Congress are promising to bring Mylan's CEO before lawmakers to answer questions on the EpiPen price increase …[Forbes]
Related: Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with EpiPen … [USA today]
Related: How Parents Harnessed the Power of Social Media to Challenge EpiPen Prices … [NY Times]

8/29 Amgen Fights Back; Refutes JAMA's Anti-PCSK-9 Article
Amgen refutes 'flawed' cholesterol study …  study also used list price rather than the price patients actually pay after rebates and discounts, resulting in estimates that "are around 400 times higher than the 2016 analyst consensus estimates for PCSK9 inhibitors … [Biopharma Dive]

Adam Feuerstein Blasts Amgen
Amgen's Shameful Silence Covers Up Reasons for FDA Drug Rejection … An Amgen drug to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism was rejected by U.S. regulators Wednesday but the biotech company offered no public explanation for why the drug's marketing application was denied … [The Street]
Who is Adam Feuerstein? If you are in biotech you already know and you know better than to piss him off.

Novartis Hypes Positive Data For Severe Multiple Sclerosis Pill
Novartis touts positive data from PhIII multiple sclerosis trial … the oral, once-daily BAF312 (siponimod) met the primary endpoint of a … reduced the risk of disability progression in a severe form of multiple sclerosis …[ Fierce Pharma]
Related: Novartis is Favoured to Win the Race for a New MS Drug … []

PBM's Hate Co-Pay Cards; Here's Why
The co-pay card debate simmers, as payers push back … "Instead of reducing the actual price of the medicine, co-pay cards simply drop the cost of the consumer's portion, leaving the insurer to pay the same high price and pass on the effects to its future customers …[ MMM Online]

Lilly CEO Set To Retire; 49 Year Old Successor  Takes Spotlight
- Has a lot riding on Alzheimer's treatment
Eli Lilly's next CEO could carry first Alzheimer's treatment across the finish line … joined Lilly in 1996 as a business development associate and has been pharmaceutical marketing director and national sales director  … after 25 years of research, Lilly is aiming at the devastating disease on multiple fronts. …[Indy Star]

8/26 Mylan in FTC Hot Water; Used Exclusionary Contract to Keep Competitors Out of Schools
Mylan may have violated antitrust law in its EpiPen sales to schools, legal experts say .... In order to qualify for a reduced price of $112.10, schools had to agree they would "not in the next twelve (12) months purchase any products that are competitive to EpiPen(R) Auto-Injectors" the agreement stipulates .... Stat

8/26 Mylan Budges; Is It Enough?
Mylan offers discounts on EpiPen amid wave of criticism .... The list price of the drug will remain the same, but the company said it would increase the maximum copay assistance program to $300 from $100 for patients who pay for the 2-pak in cash or who are covered by a commercial health insurer .... Reuters

8/26 EpiPen Sh*tstorm Building for Months
How Parents Harnessed the Power of Social Media to Challenge EpiPen Prices .... Ms. Kantayya's petition “Stop the EpiPen Price Gouging,” grew from a few dozen signatures to more than 70,000 people who sent more than 100,000 letters to Congress .... NY TImes

8/26 High Deductible Plans Hit Many EpiPen Families Hard, Fueling the Outrage
How Payers Contributed to the EpiPen Pricing Controversy .... The payors got mad and raised the pain level on patients -- raising copays and toughening medical policies (this is important, Mylan does not determine price to consumers, payors do). As Epipen is broadly purchased ahead of the new school year, the pain became acute for many families over the past month .... Drug Channels/Adam Fein

8/26 Pharma Companies Who Are Raking it in, Hand Over Fist
Mylan isn't alone: 11 drugmakers with off-the-charts pricing power .... Each of these drug companies' operating profit margins hit 25% or more over the past 12 months excluding interest and taxes.... That blows away the 15.8% profit margin of companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 index and the 20% profit margin at Mylan. .... USA Today (autoplay video)

8/26 Strategy Overview for Merck KGaA
Germany's Merck Builds Up Non-Drug Businesses .... Most global pharmaceutical companies are streamlining in the face of tougher competition from generic drugs, but Germany's Merck KGaA is bucking the trend by expanding outside of health care .... WSJ

8/26 Amgen Close-Mouthed on Parsabiv CRL
Amgen's Shameful Silence Covers Up Reasons for FDA Drug Rejection .... An Amgen drug to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism was rejected by U.S. regulators Wednesday but the biotech company offered no public explanation for why the drug's marketing application was denied .... The Street/Adam Feuerstein

8/26 Show Me the Data!
Payers say they'll cover pharma's beyond-the-pill offerings. They just want proof first .... Lung cancer patients who used a particular app improved overall survival by seven months compared to average standard follow up care. The app triggered a call to the patient's doctor when anomalies were noted in the data stream .... Fierce Pharma

8/26 Jennifer Aniston to Pitch for Xiidra
Shire taps Jennifer Aniston for awareness campaign as it enters the eye care market .... The drugmaker expects the multi-channel initiative to lay its foundation in the ophthalmology market, following the approval in July of its chronic dry eye drug, Xiidra. The campaign will also set the stage for Shire to compete with the current market leader, Allergan's Restasis .... MM&M

8/26 Siponimod Helpful for Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Novartis announces positive phase III results for MS drug siponimod .... The Phase III EXPAND study, the largest randomized, controlled study in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) to date, met its primary endpoint, compared with placebo .... Reuters

8/26 AG Says Subsys Maker Pushed Drug to 'Pill-Mill'-Type Docs
Illinois attorney general sues Insys over fentanyl drug marketing .... Subsys, which Insys launched in 2012, is a spray approved for managing pain in cancer patients that contains fentanyl, a highly-addictive and regulated synthetic opioid.... The lawsuit alleges that rather than marketing the drug to oncologists treating cancer patients, Insys instead illegally marketed it to doctors who prescribed high volumes of opioid drugs .... Reuters

8/26 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Obesity Is Linked to at Least 13 Types of Cancer
NY Times
FDA approves first cognitive tests for head injury
Fox News
Obamacare accountable care programs had $466 million in Medicare savings last year
AZ-Lilly start second pivotal trial of fast-tracked Alzheimer's drug
Review: Stem Cell Tx for Heart Failure Not Ready Yet
Medpage Today

8/25 Copaxone Patent Defenses Breaking Down
Teva Plunges After Two U.S. Copaxone Patents Invalidated .... Novartis AG and Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc. jointly sell a cheaper version of the daily shot. Even with the generic-drug competition, Teva has been able to maintain sales by switching about 80 percent of patients to the 40-mg injection .... Bloomberg

8/25 Another PARP Inhibitor Goes Before FDA; Decision on Ovarian Cancer Drug in February 2017
Clovis Jumps as Cancer Drug Gets Priority for FDA Review .... Rucaparib inhibits a protein called PARP, which is involved in DNA repair. In theory, by disrupting cancer cells' ability to repair themselves, the drug can slow their uncontrolled growth and replication .... Bloomberg

8/25 Mylan CEO is Daughter of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia
The Senator's Daughter Who Raised Prices on the EpiPen .... Bresch could get called up to Capitol Hill next month to explain her company's justification for raising the price on the life-saving allergy shot. But that could be awkward, since she's the daughter of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia .... Bloomberg
See also: Clinton calls for lower price on allergy drug EpiPen [Reuters]
See also: Top US medical group blasts EpiPen's 'exorbitant' costs [Medical Xpress]
See also: How Congress, the FDA, and Sarah Jessica Parker Helped EpiPen Become a $1 Billion Business [Gizmodo]

8/25 AZN Deals Away Antibiotics Line
Pfizer to buy antibiotics business from AstraZeneca .... The two established medicines in the deal --- Merrem, used to treat serious infections in hospitalized patients, and Zinforo, an intravenous antibiotic used for skin and soft tissue infections and pneumonia -- generated sales of $250 million in 2015 .... Reuters

8/25 Lundbeck Sales Up 5% on Abilify Maintena and Brintellix
Lundbeck keeps the turnaround coming in H1 with big leap in U.S. sales .... The brand new antipsychotic Rexulti, approved in the U.S. last July, grew to $47 million, a nice jump for an early launch. It's approved to treat schizophrenia and as an add-on antidepressant, and Lundbeck and partner Otsuka have been running DTC ads in the U.S. since February .... Fierce Pharma

8/25 Fexapotide Successful in Phase 3 Against BPH
Fexapotide placebo crossover study reveals lower incidence of surgery .... The fexapotide patients required 82 percent to 95 percent fewer surgeries compared to patients who received conventional BPH treatments. The patients also saw a reduced rate of prostate cancer development .... American Pharmacy News

8/25 Estimates: 395 People with Zika in Florida by Mid-September; 8 Pregnant Women; Outbreaks Very Possible in Texas and Louisiana
How Big, Really, Is The Zika Outbreak In Florida? .... "Zika is one of those diseases that is always like an iceberg -- you just see the tip," says Alessandro Vespignani, a computer scientist at Northeastern University in Boston, who has been tasked with modeling the spread of the virus .... NPR Shots blog

8/25 PharMerica Wants to Sell
Pharmacy manager PharMerica explores possible sale .... PharMerica was created in 2007 by a merger of businesses spun off from AmerisourceBergen Corp and Kindred Healthcare. It provides pharmacy services, ranging from dispensing prescriptions to trying to control drug costs, to about 15 percent of U.S. nursing homes .... Reuters

8/25 Debate Over MammaPrint Study: Is It Safe to Skip Chemo If Your Genes Say So?
When DNA and medical tests disagree about breast cancer risk, which to believe? .... 5.2 percent of the no-chemo group saw their cancer advance within five years, while 3.3 percent of women who had chemo did .... Stat

8/25 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Stoned Vs. Drunk: Small Study Finds Sex On Pot Brings More Wariness, Less Regret Than Alcohol
WBUR Commonhealth
After much delay, Pennsylvania to launch prescription drug-monitoring database
Here's how a President Clinton could force down drug prices by executive action
LA Times
FDA tentatively approves generic version of Suprep
American Pharmacy News
Industry, patient groups respond to FDA draft guidance on patient data access
MobiHealth News
Regular nibbling on nuts linked to low inflammation

8/24 She Lost Her Opportunity to be CEO After She Testified Against an Executive Who Tried to Rape Her
Turing Pharmaceuticals Accused of Retaliating for Sex Assault Complaint .... The executive who testified before Congress with Martin Shkreli has filed a federal complaint against Turing, accusing one of Mr. Shkreli's friends, a fellow founder of the company, of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room in March .... NY Times

8/24 40,000-Woman Study Establishes HRT–Breast Cancer Link
The Final Word Is Out: Menopausal HRT Triples the Risk of Breast Cancer .... The authors found that the hazard ratio (HR) for invasive and in situ breast cancer was 1.95 (95% CI, 1.55-2.46; P<.001) for current users of menopausal hormonal therapy compared with never users, and this ratio grew with increasing number of years of usage. For women who used MHT for more than 15 years, the HR was 2.02 .... AJMC

8/24 Whistleblower Suit Airs Celgene Internal Marketing and Safety Conversations
From Nightmare Drug to Celgene Blockbuster, Thalidomide Is Back .... From the beginning, off-label prescriptions drove Thalomid's sales. In the first 12 months after its U.S. debut for leprosy, about 70 percent of the prescriptions were for oncology patients .... Bloomberg

8/24 Almost a Third of Formulary Exclusions Have Negative Effect on Patients
AJMC review: Formulary exclusions tend toward neutral, positive patient impacts .... The 20 studies looked at 21 exclusions, six of which showed positive effects on patients (meaning the patients's condition improved as a result), six of which had a negative effect (meaning more frequent or severe symptoms or lapses in disease control) and 9 of which had a neutral impact .... Drug Store News

8/24 Drug Prices Are High to Pay for the Billion Dollar Acquisitions
With $14 Billion Purchase, Pfizer Signals That Cancer Drug Prices Will Remain High .... By paying that extra $5 billion (beyond what Sanofi was willing to pay), Pfizer is saying that it expects Xtandi to be able to compete with generic versions of Johnson & Johnson's similar drug, Zytiga, and that talozaparib will succeed .... Forbes/Matthew Herper

8/24 Finally, A Social Media Thing Pharma Can Use
Instagram Stories' appeal for pharma? Familiar platform and no pesky user comments to deal with .... Pharma "can start engaging with consumers and then gradually, as they engage with that community more and more, they can turn it from a push to a two-way dialog." (Andrew Grojean, Intouch Solutions) .... Fierce Pharma

8/24 Hospira Closures
Pfizer to shed four Hospira sites .... Pfizer will lay off 104 staffers as part of a plan to shed four distribution sites it took over when it acquired Hospira, including 40 staffers in Atlanta, 19 in Dallas, 23 in Los Angeles, and 22 from King of Prussia .... BioPharma Dive

8/24 A Review: ADHD Nation
Overselling A.D.H.D.: A New Book Exposes Big Pharma's Role .... Disorders of attention were once thought to be relatively rare by experts, affecting only an estimated 3 percent of preadolescent children. But kids and teenagers are now diagnosed so routinely that getting a prescription for Ritalin or Adderall has practically become a standard rite of passage, particularly in the United States .... NY Times

8/24 JAMA Study: Drug Patents Too Easy to Game
Tighter Patent Rules Could Help Lower Drug Prices, Study Shows .... The study found that new drugs have a median 12.5 years of exclusive market access, and it's even longer for completely new medications. Lead author Aaron Kesselheim says drugmakers often use "life-cycle management" tactics to extend their exclusive market access .... NPR Shots blog

8/24 Bad Docs Still Speak
Doctors Get Disciplined For Misconduct; Drug Firms Keep Paying Them .... The analysis identified at least 2,300 doctors who received industry payments between August 2013 and December 2015 despite histories of misconduct .... NPR Shot blog

8/24 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Penn medicine researchers predict sudden cardiac death risk
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
6 Teaspoons a Day: U.S. heart group sets limit on sugar for kids and teens
Got a Thyroid Tumor? Most Should Be Left Alone.
NY Times
Expect healthcare agencies to make more digital acquisitions
Disease-Guided Approach Ups Specificity of Statin Treatment
HealthDay News

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