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Enzyte - Does Enzyte really work? [updated 12/24/08]
Enzyte guarantee explained; Enzyte cost to consumer explained; Enzyte ingredients listed and explained, Enzyte dose, etc.       
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Does Enzyte Really work?

Pharmacist reviews Enzyte:

Enzyte is a highly advertised product that was originallymarketed by a natural
supplement company called Lifekey Healthcare, a unit of Berkeley
Premium Nutraceuticals. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Berkeley Premium
Nutraceuticals was founded by financial genius Steven Warshak.

Warshak made hundreds of millions of dollars selling Enzyte and other herbal
supplements for various conditions.  In 2006, Warshak was indicted
for allegedly robbing consumers of more than $100 million via false
advertising and credit card hanky panky, charges that carried a penalty
of large fines and a 30 year prison sentence.

Where Did Warshak Go Wrong?

Warshak built the Enzyte franchise into a trusted, popular brand.  Even today, many people swear by it.  If he used honest marketing tactics, Warshak could have been the Steve Jobs of the nutraceutical industry.  Instead, Warshak used deceptive practices regarding automatic credit card billing and unsavory financial machinations regarding the profits he made. 

Warshak Timeline:

In February 2008, Warshak, along with his mother and his attorney was convicted of various crimes (such as conspiracy, fraud, money laundering, etc)  in connection with the way Berkeley was run.    According to an FBI press release, Warshak was forced to forfeit $33 million in assets that were the proceeds of his crimes.

Then in May of 2008, the Feds announced that they were not finished with Warshak. They announced that they were going after an additional $450 million in cash, real estate and other assets.   However, Warshak's lawyers are fought the plan vigorously.  They claimed that Berkeley was at it's core a legitimate supplement company and that most of it's sales revenue did not come from Enzyte.

In August of 2008, Warshak was sentenced to 25 years in Federal prison.  There is no parole in Federal prison.  Unless his convection is overturned, Warshak will not be released until 2033.

Vianda: Rebirth; A New Company, A New Image
As of June 2009, the company that markets Enzyte is no longer known as Berkley Nutraceuticals.  It was purchased by Vianda, LLC (for $4 Million out of bankruptcy) and was renamed Vianda LLC. 
Vianda is doing everything it can to distance themselves from their former incarnation, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and establish itself as a premium natural supplement company.
According to Jason Broome the CEO of Vianda LLC, Vianda is "starting fresh under a single banner, with one vision, one set of values, and a company-wide passion for providing premium, clinically-tested, natural solutions that enhance healthy living."

See Also: Vianda Announces New Company Name in Grand Re-Opening … Vianda unveils its new name and newly remodeled building today with a passion for "advancing wellness for life …{Vianda Press Release]
See Also:  Vianda Grand Opening - New Business Practices …[Video; Business Beat]

Vianda also markets products relating to: Energy, Anti-Aging, Weight Management,   and Health & Wellness.

Over the years, the Enzyte brand has been big business.  Millions of dollars were even spent to sponsor an Enzyte NASCAR team just like Viagra!  The #50 Enzyte car was (you guessed it) blue.

The commercials for Enzyte looked very slick and professional.
They look like commercials for prescription drugs such as Cialis and Viagra.

Everyone has seen these commercials many times. (That is probably
why you clicked on this website in the first place). The smiling dufus
Bob, and his friends have made Enzyte a household name.

The Enzyte commercials showed a nerdy guy named Bob with a giant
smile on his face. In some ads, his wife also has a huge smile. But in
the commercials, they don't tell you exactly why the guy or his wife
is smiling.

They leave that up to you in order to lend a degree of mystique to the product and increase your curiosity about Enzyte. 

On the Enzyte website, they claim that,  " … If you're looking for
stronger, firmer, easier to achieve erections, it's time to try
Enzyte"…[ source ]

On the Enzyte website, they also claim that if you  " …
Just take one
a day for an increase in sexual performance including  stronger, firmer,
and fuller erections. With Enzyte, you don't get promises, you get real
…" [ source]

Does Enzyte Really work?

It's hard to say if Enzyte works because the Enzyte people are vague
about what Enzyte does. If you believe in natural remedies and you are
willing to risk a few bucks you might want to try it - it has a money back

Fuller Firmer Erections?

What is a fuller firmer erection?

The Enzyte makers claim that … " If your erections aren't what they
used to be, Enzyte may help maximize your erection potential
and give you the firmer, fuller-feeling erections you deserve" …
[ source]

The Enzyte website indicates one should use Enzyte to  get "firmer,
fuller-feeling, better quality erections" but they do not offer little scientific
proof that Enzyte does this.  Plus a fuller firmer erection is hard to define.

They leave that interpretation up to you. By being  vague about 
The definition of a firmer fuller feeling better quality erection is they can
truthfully say that they never promised you anything specific, so don't be
upset if Enzyte doesn't work.

This gestalt is not unique to Enzyte.  All herbal are not subject the same FDA regulations as pharmaceuticals.  Some people herbal products work, some people think they don't.  The laws are written to give you the freedom to choose and find out for yourself.

However, Vianda cover its bases with a boxed disclaimer at the bottom of every page on their website:

" These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
prevent any disease
."… [ quoted from Enzyte Web site; click here to see;
scroll down to the bottom of the page. ]

When you see a disclaimer like this you are being told that while the Enzyte
has a money-back guarantee the product itself may or may not work
depending on the individual and that the government has not evaluated
how effective Enzyte is.

You wouldn't expect to see a disclaimer like this on a product that was
guaranteed to work such as an air-bag, or a heart defibrillator or an
antidote to a poison unless there was a chance that it may not work.

One thing is for sure. Enzyte is selling like hotcakes. More than 3,000,000
men have tried Enzyte.  Many people swear that the use of Enzyte has
improved their sex life, just like the marketer claimed.

The bottom line is that when you buy Enzyte, you are in a buyer-beware
situation. It may work or it may not work but you won't know until you
try it. But with the money back guarantee you really can't go wrong.

What exactly is Male Enhancement?

The terminology "male enhancement" is ambiguous.  For some guys it means a longer, thicker unit.  To others it may be the ability to hold an erection longer or regain an erection rapidly after achieving an orgasm. 

What About The Enzyte Money Back Guarantee?

One thing is for sure; Berkeley offers a " No Questions Asked" money-back
guarantee for Enzyte. Very few companies have a no-bullshit refund policy
like Enzyte. Enzyte has one of the best guarantees of any nutritional supplement sold - period.

All you do is call 1-866-834-1715 and arrange to get your money back.
They will refund your money on any unopened packs of Enzyte as long as
you call them within of 60 days of your order.  The telephone clerks are
polite and you don't have to remain on "Hold" for a long amount of time.

At one time it required more effort to get your money back from Enzyte.
The evolution of the Enzyte return policy to its "No questions asked" current
state indicates that the people who make Enzyte stand behind their
product. This is very reassuring.

Enzyte: What's in it?

The Enzyte recipe contains minerals such as zinc and copper, niacin
(also known as vitamin B3) and several natural products such as horny
goat weed and ginko baloba.

Throughout time, different cultures throughout the world have used
various natural products in an attempt to improve or enhance a man's
sexual prowess or potency.

Most cultures have an characteristic ethnobotanical aphrodisiac.

For certain African tribes, it may be the bark of the yohimbine tree.

In the Caribbean basin, it may be a plant like "Horny Goat" weed. In
Asia, the body parts of certain animals are valued for ability to improve sexual endurance and virility.

All of the ingredients in Enzyte are associated in some way with having a
positive effect on a man's sexual power, endurance or ability to perform.

What's In Enzyte?

List of Ingredients in Enzyte*

Tribulus Terrestris extract - a weed that is native to Australia and Asia but
is found all over the world. It commonly called "puncturevine". Herbalists
claim that it enhances testosterone levels by increasing the release of
luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland, thereby leading to an
increased sex drive and a larger penis.

Other than claims made by people who sell Tribulus Terrestris as an
ingredient in penis enlargement pills or other remedies, there is little
scientific information that this actually works to promote increased
testosterone levels in humans.

There is some evidence that chemicals found in Tribulus Terrestris do have
physiologic effects in animals; more studies need to be conducted before
"male enhancement" properties can be attributed to this plant.

L-Arginine - is an amino acid that is found in all life forms on earth.
L-arginine is supposed to have Anti-atherogenic, antioxidant and
immunomodulatory actions. L-Arginine may also be important for wound
healing in people. Some studies ( with men taking 4,000 milligrams or 4
grams per day) showed that L-Arginine may improved sperm count and sperm motility.

Panax Ginseng - Also called the Asian Ginseng or Korean Ginseng the root
of a plant that is said to be an energy increaser and all around aphrodisiac.
Some people believe very strongly that ginseng works, but others believe
just as strongly that it does not.

Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii) - a plant found in the rainforest of South
America. It is used as a food in Peru. Maca is thought to increase a man's
sexual desire.

Epimedium Sagittatum extract - also known as Horny Goat Weed. It is a
Chinese plant that supposedly to induce sexual stamina or promote sexual

Muira Puama - plant from the Amazon jungle; sometimes referred to as
"potency wood". According to PDRNet … " its effectiveness is debatable".

Avena Sativa - scientific name for Wild Oats, an aphrodisiac in some
cultures. This is where they got the expression "to sow some wild oats".

Zinc Oxide, Zinc Citrate - The Enzte recipe contains zinc; zinc is an
important mineral in the body. A typical dose of zinc is 15 milligrams
per day.

Saw Palmetto Berry - natural product derived from berries of the scrubby
dessert plant "Saw palmetto". Herbalists feel that this ingredient is useful
in treating prostate conditions.

Niacin … Sometimes known as vitamin b-3.; commonly found in poultry,
fish, beef, corn and wheat; sometimes thought of as a natural vasodilator
to improve circulation. The normal recommended minimum daily
requirement for niacin is 14 - 16 milligrams per day.

Copper  -  copper is an important mineral in the human diet. Copper is
required in very small amounts. It is possible to have a copper deficiency,
but this condition is rare. Copper deficiencies are associated anemia's and
a large range of cardiac and metabolic diseases. The daily dose of copper
should be 1.5 - 3.0 milligrams per day.

Octacosanol - a substance that is extracted from wheat germ oil. Wheat
germ contains several essential nutrients and is associated with energy
and stamina.

Swedish Pollen Extract
- There is information on the internet linking
Swedish Pollen to enhanced sexual performance. The marketers of this
product claim that it European farmers include pollen in their farm animals'
diet to encourage their breeding abilities. Many people make many claims
(mostly the people who are selling the stuff) regarding the general
goodness of pollen.

Enzyte: How much does it cost?
If you buy Enzyte from the website you get 1 months worth of Enzyte pills for $39.99, or 3 months worth of Enzyte pills for $99.90 (not including shipping).

Enzyte Free Trial Details

If you ask for a 10 Day Enzyte Trial, you get 10 pills for free (you only pay
$5.95 shipping and handling)
BUT in doing so you are automatically
enrolled into their Vialife Rewards Program whereby 60-day cycles of Enzyte pills will be
delivered to you automatically (and  your credit card will automatically be billed  $79.90
every 2 months) until you cancel your membership in the program.

Enzyte Comparison Shopping: There is a lot of competition between sites
that sell Enzyte. This competition drives down the prices. The best way to
get a good price on Enzyte is to do comparison shopping.

What about products that claim to be the "same as Enzyte" or
just "as good as Enzyte" , etc?

Lots of times when you click on what you think is an ad for Enzyte you
reach a product that claims it's just as good as Enzyte or it's the same
thing as Enzyte. Stay away from these guys.  These copycat products
do not have the Enzyte No Questions Asked Money Back

In closing:

- If you believe in alternative medicine or folk medicine, Enzyte may be for
you because it contains a little bit of many ingredients that various people
associate with a man's sexual health.

- Some pharmacists and doctors are skeptical about Enzyte.

- The claims made by Enzyte (promoting male enhancement) are

- Dietary supplements are held up to a less rigid standard than drugs.

- Dietary supplements have a lower burden of proof regarding their  effectivness.

Please Note:
Enzyte® Is a registered trademark of Vianda, LLC. This website has no
relationship with Vianda

Other Enzyte Information Found On The Internet: - the official Enzyte website
Enzyte FAQ - frequently asked questions regarding Enzyte;
how do you take it, is it for everyone, etc.

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