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Scott Burke; Professional Resume Writer 631-234-3702

Corey Says: "I only recommend something if I used myself and it's high quality because my reputation is on the line. The only resume writer I recommend is Scott Burke of Total Career Advancement."

He did my resume when I applied to be a drug salesman in 1985, in the early 90's when I broke into publishing and last year when I applied for a promotion. He also did my daughter's resume and several of my colleagues on my recommendation.

Scott's been writing pharma oriented (and other professional) resumes, brag books, and cover letters for 34

writes all of the resumes himself, after interviewing you in person, or over the telephone.  I have never had an unresolved complaint about him.

Call Scott today for a free resume consultation at 631-234-3702.  Please tell him you learned about him from my web site".

Special Feature

Even if you don't use Scott, here is advice on how to find a good resume writer:

The best way to find a resume writer is by personal referral from a friend or colleague. 

I recommend that you choose a minimum of three resume-writing services and interview them before you plunk down any money.

Here are some questions to ask your potential resume writer:

How long have you been in business?

Can you provide me with references from clients that have used your services within the past 4 - 6 weeks?

How many resumes have you done within the past 12 months for people like me trying to break into a particular industry?

Do you write the resumes yourself or do you farm them out to someone else.

Do you have a guarantee whereby if my resume does not attract interviews, it is updated for free?

It is also a good idea to check them out with their local Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General of the state where they do business in to see if there have been any recent complaints lodged against them.

If the resume guy can not answer any of the above questions to your complete satisfaction, or they do not have a track record that you can verify, or
if you get a bad gut feeling, tell them to get lost. 

The rule of thumb is "When in doubt, knock them out".

Good luck my pharmaceutical brother,



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