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Insulin Information Database
All the latest prescribing information for all the different human insulins such as Lantus, Levemir, Apidra, NPH, Humulin, Humalog, Novolog 70/30, Novolin, etc. 

Insulin prescribing information, package inserts, retail price survey.  For diabetics and their families, pharmaceutical marketers, clinicians and scholars.  By Corey Nahman, Registered Pharmacist.

Insulin Information Database
Commonly Used Human Insulins and Analogues

Why is insulin so popular these days?

In the old days, insulin was reserved as a treatment of last resort.  Doctor's used insulin as a threat, as in - " if you don't lose weight we will have to put you on insulin." 

Nowadays, we have a different perspective on insulin.  Insulin is a necessary tool for a patient when the diabetes pills begin to lose their effect.   
Nowadays, doctors view insulin as just another drug, and if  2 or 3 drugs don't bring your sugar down, insulin will become another drug in your diabetic cocktail

HBA1c - Level of Diabetic Risk.  Should be 6.5 or lower.

The way you judge the effectiveness of a diabetic's treatment is by how high or low her HBA1c is.  The higher the worse, the lower the better.

You want your HBA1c to be at or below 6.5 . 

If your HBA1c goes higher than 6.5 that is an indication that you are more likely to have diabetic complications such as shortened life span, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, blindness, dialysis, frequent vaginal and urinary tract infections and other bothersome conditions.

The good news is, if you bring your HBA1c to 6.5 or lower, your risk of having any of the diabetic complications is practically the same as for non diabetics.

The Pills Can Only Do So Much

For many diabetics it is very difficult to achieve an HBA1c of 6.5 or lower by just using pills.

Sometimes people add insulin to their treatment after they are on 2 or 3 different diabetes pills, but their HBA1c is still high. 

Some patients try as many as 4 or 5 different diabetes pills simultaneously to treat their diabetes. 

However, the fact is, if you are on 2 or more pills and your HBA1c is still high after 6 months or so, you should seriously consider adding insulin to your treatment. 

Remember - every day that your HBA1c is higher than 6.5 there is irreversible damage going on in your body. 

The high sugar levels cause the cholesterol levels to rise and this causes heart disease. 

Also, high sugar levels cause teeny tiny blood vessels ( the microvascular blood vessels ) that feed your eyes and kidneys to corrode leading to damage.  This process is gradual, but every day it gets a little worse.

So, don't be hesitant about taking your insulin.  And once your diabetes is under tight control (A1c below 6.5), you will actually feel better, and have more energy.  Many people who go on insulin think they should have tried it earlier because they feel so much better.

Insulin Information:

Lilly R Series
Humulin R PI [ 10 ml vial; 1000 units ]
( 7 page PDF file) Keep in refrigerator; ambiguous directions regarding when refrigeration is not available.

Lilly Humalog, Humalog Premix Series ( Insulin Lispro)

Humalog  Via
l  PI; [10 ml; 1000 units]
(8-page pdf file) - contains reminder regarding storage 28-day post 1st dose in refrigerator, 14 days at room temperature.

Disposable Pre Filled Pen Device PI ; [Disposable pen device; comes in package of  5 disposable devices; each with one 3ml (300 units) per cartridge ]
*1.5ml cartridge was available but is being discontinued.
(6-page pdf file) - contains warning that the device should not be refrigerated post 1st dose and pen should be discarded after 28 days post 1st dose even if the pen contains unused insulin.

Humalog Cartridge PI  [ 1.5 ml; 150 units, 3.0ml; 300 units] 
( 7-page pdf file) - contains reminder that unused cartridge must be discarded 28 days post 1st dose even if the cartridge contains unused insulin.

Humalog Mix 75/25 PI [ 10 ml vials; 1000 units, disposable pen device; comes in package of  5 disposable devices; each with one 3ml (300 unit) cartridge ]
(10 page pdf file) Vials can be kept unrefrigerated for up to 28 days; Pen can be stored unrefrigerated for up to 10 days.

Lilly Humulin N Products

Humulin N  PI [ 10 ml vial; 1000 units]
(7-page pdf file)

Humulin N Disposable Pen Device PI  [comes in package of  5 disposable devices; each with one 3ml (300 unit) cartridge ]
(6-page PDF file)  Contains reminder not to refrigerate current pen; pen must be discarded after 14 days post 1st dose regardless of if they contain insulin.

Humulin L PI ( Lente)  [10 ml vial; 1000 units ]
(7-page PDF File) Keep in refrigerator; ambiguous directions regarding when refrigeration is not available

Humulin U
Ultralente PI ( Ultra Lente)

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