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Avlimil;  the information
they don't want you to know:
Does Avlimil work? Avlimil prices; Avlimil ingredients, dose, cost, mechanism of action, warnings; information for patients, pharmacists; doctors.   

Disclaimer: Avlimil (R) Is a registered trademark of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals; this site is not involved in any way with Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals or the marketing of Avlimil.  We do not make any money from selling Avlimil or any other similar product.

Avlimil Cost:

There are many web sites that sell Avlimil because Avlimil is a widely recognized name, and it is popular.  This drives the prices down.  The best way to find a good price is by comparison shopping.
Click Here to comparison shop for Avlimil

If you believe in alternative medicine or herbal medicine, Avlimil may be for you because it contains a little bit of many ingredients that various people associate with a woman's sexual health, plus it is backed by a money-back guarantee.

Avlimil is a dietary supplement that is marketed by Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, a rapidly growing company that operates out of Cincinati, Ohio. Berkley Premium Nutraceuticals was founded in 2001 by financial whiz kid, Steven Warshak

Avlimil is designed to make women want to have sex, restore a natural balance to women's lives and to promote a more energetic love life.

Avlimil is a small tablet that is packaged in a similar manner as birth control pills. If you visit the web site, you will see what the tablets look like and how they are packaged.

Avlimil's Money Back Guarantee:

Avlimil carries a money-back guarantee.  The money-back guarantee allows you to get a 100% refund, less a $10.00 processing fee as long as you return the unused product to them within 30 days of the date of purchase.  It will take about 10 -14 days for the credit to appear on your statement.

It is not good if you only call your credit card company and complain and ask for a charge-back without following the official procedure. In this case, Berkeley will dispute the charge-back and you may not win the dispute.

The main thing is not to procrastinate - return the product quickly (before 30 days has elapsed; don't wait until the last minute) in the original packaging; it is also a good idea to send it back by a method that allows you to prove it was received and when it was received such as UPS, FedEx or USPS with Return Receipt requested)

Avlimil: What's in it? 

Avlimil contains:

Salvia officinalis (sage leaf)
Primarily used as a seasoning but claimed to have many other uses; generally used for appetite loss, excessive perspiration, sore throat; also taken for also taken for bloating, diarrhea, and intestinal inflammation.  Sometimes used to regulate breast milk over production.

Rubus idaeus  (red raspberry leaf)
Anither cure all herb; traditional folk remedy for all kinds of stomach problems and pregnancy complications.

Isoflavones from Pueraria montana (kudzu root extract)
An extract of the Kudzu Weed, traditionally found in Asia. Kudzu extract is claimed to have ability to treat many conditions including measles, diarrhea, migraine; components claimed to reduce alcoholics' need for alcohol.

Trifolium pratense (red clover extract)
Usually used for breathing problems such as cough and bronchitis; sometimes used for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  Isoflavone compounds isolated from red clover flowers are believed by some herbalists  and folk remedy practitioners to prevent breast and prostate cancer.   (This has not been scientifically evaluated).  They are believed to contain compounds that are similar to estrogen.

Some people believe that red clover extract is useful for treating hot flashes associated with menopause.  However, a recent scientific study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [ click here to see the study ] claimed that red clover was not very effective.

Capsicum annuum (capsicum pepper)
Primarily used as a seasoning; this is the chemical that makes hot peppers hot; also used in some tear gas products and pepper sprays.  Used topically, it is effective in reducing certain types of pain.

Taken orally, capsicum it is supposed to be good for a myriad of conditions including yellow fever, malaria, all sorts of stomach and intestinal disorders and a tonic for the circulatory system. ( This has not been scientifically evaluated)

Glycyrrhiza glabra  (black licorice root)
Used as a natural flavoring for black licorice; also useful for bronchitis,cough stomach inflammation and stomach ulcers.  Licorice root has many drug interactions and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Morella cerifera (bayberry fruit)
Also known as candle berry, wax myrtle.  Used for cough and bronchitis, skin conditions; sometimes prescribed for insomnia and liver ailments.

Turnera diffusa (damiana leaf)
Thought to be useful for male impotence and female sexual disorders; plant grows in Mexico, Caribbean regions and parts of Africa.

Valeriana officinalis (valeriana root)
Most commonly used as a natural tranquilizer or insomnia treatment; claimed to be useful in many common female problems such as PMS, symptoms of pregnancy. Uterine spasms, menopause, and stomach cramps.

Zingiber officinale (ginger root)
Commonly used as a flavoring for spicy foods (such as spicy Indian kebabs) or mixed with sugar and used to flavor drinks or jellies. Probably effective for appetite loss, indigestion and motion sickness.  Used in Asia to treat colds.

Actaea racemosa (black cohosh root)
Herbalists use black cohosh root to treat hot flashes and insomnia associated with menopause.  It was once believed that the black cohosh had estrogen-like properties. 

The Dr Weil website [ Dr. Weil is a nationally recognized expert in the use of natural remedies] states that  …
" the July 1, 2003 issue of the American Family Physician reviewed recent studies on black cohosh, noting that little or no estrogenic effect exists and that the herb may even block some of the effects of estrogen. If so, black cohosh must work in some other way to relieve menopausal symptoms but that mode of action is unknown" … [ quoted verbatim from Dr; click here to see original page ]
See also> American Family Physician report on black cohosh …  [ Am Fam Physician 2003;68:114-6. Copyright© 2003 American Academy of Family Physicians]

What Does Avlimil Claim to do?

Berkley markets Avlimil as a once a day capsule promote better blood flow and increased muscular relaxation for an "improved libido and a healthier, more energetic sexual response" …[ source ]

The Avlimil website talks about how women's' sex drives decrease due to various factors such as stress, depression, childbirth, menopause, or hormonal fluctuations. 

They claim that ingredients in Avlimil can help restore a gentle normalization of estrogen levels at any stage of a woman's life.  They claim that the use of Avlimil can lead to a more satisfying sex life (whatever that means).

Advertisements for Avlimil are similar to advertisements for prescription drugs.  The magazine ads look just like a drug ad.  The television commercials are slick and convincing.

Does Avlimil Really Work?

On the Avlimil website they refer to a scientific study in which women who took Avlimil experienced improvements in several subjective and objective measurements of sexual function and desire.  The study purports to be a double blind, randomized, double blind placebo controlled study. 

However, when they describe the sugar pill (or placebo pill) that they compared to the Avlimil pill, they indicate that the sugar pill had a different appearance.

This fact renders the study to be unreliable because the people who were doing the unpublished study (and who wrote it up) and the people who were getting the study medications may or could  have known if they were getting the real Avlimil or the placebo.

If you think that you are getting a real pill, your mind may make you think that the pill is working (whether it works or not). 

This is called the placebo effect.  The placebo effect means that if you believe in something, you will think that it is working.  For instance, if you give a child an M&M candy, and tell him it will make him stronger, he may actually feel stronger. 

One thing is for sure.  Avlimil is selling like hotcakes.  Many people swear that the use of Avlimil has lead to a more satisfying sex life, just like the advertisements claim. 

If you believe in alternative medicine or folk medicine, Avlimil may be for you because it contains a little bit of many ingredients that various people associate with a woman's sexual health.

You have to decide for yourself.  But, if you are not satisfied, make sure to read and understand the return policy completely.  If you do not follow the return policy carefully, you will have a hard time getting your money back. 

See Also> Information On Altovis, another Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals.

More Information On Avlimil (home page)

Avlimil Prices how to order Avlimil, Avlimil guarantee.

Google Search for " Avlimil"

University Of Illinois Pharmacy School report on Avlimil
Describes in detail shortcomings of Avlimil scientific data; explains weaknesses in above-cited study.

Newspaper article on Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals
Herbal entrepreneur proving that sex sells  … mentions history of Berkley, consumer complaints regarding Berkley … [ The Cincinnati Enquirer; James McNair ]

Washington Post review of Avlimil
Bed Medicine? … Detailed report about Avlimil; includes various doctor's opinions regarding Avlimil; includes two success stories; one doctor explains why it may be effective … [ Washington Post; Brian Reid ]

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