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Ambien (Zolpidem)   

Ambien is available in two formulations:

Ambien CR - is a time released tablet.  Ambien CR is formulated so that it lasts a little longer in your body than traditional forms of Ambien.  The manufacturer claims that Ambien CR is better than Ambien because it helps you stay asleep longer than Ambien.  Click HERE for an explanation of how Ambien CR differs from Ambien.  Ambien CR is expensive - about $4.00 per tablet.

Ambien is also available as a generic non-time release tablet called zolpidem.  Zolpidem is cheap.  In the United Sates, zolipdem costs about $20.oo for 30 tablets.

Ambien CR Drug Information: - information on insomnia, how Ambien CR works, prescribing information for Ambien CR. 
Prescribing Information For Ambien CR - This is the information that your doctor goes by when he wants to learn about or prescribe Ambien CR.

Ambien/Zolpidem Drug Information:
Patient Information - similar to the flyer you get at the drugstore when you fill a prescription for Ambien.
Patient information including photograph of the Ambien Pills (mg & 10mg)
Side Effects/Drug Interactions
Warnings & Precautions
Ambien Drug Interactions
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Lunesta Drug Information
Official Website - information regarding how Lunesta is different from other sleeping pills; information on insomnia, how Lunesta works, prescribing information
Lunesta Prescribing Information - This is the information that your doctor goes by when he wants to learn about or prescribe Lunesta
Side Effects & Drug Interactions
Warnings & Precautions
Patient Information - similar to the flyer you get at the drugstore when you fill a prescription for Lunesta.
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Rozerem Drug Information The official Rozerem website.  This website contains
information on Rozerem dosing, side effects and  an explanation of
sleep and insomnia.
Prescribing Information
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Warnings & Precautions
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Drug Explanation Monograph from CenterWatch.
(CenterWatch is a large organization that collects information
on newly approved drugs)

Sonata Drug Information
Official Website - information regarding how Sonata helps you fall asleep;
information on insomnia, how Sonata works, prescribing information
Prescribing Information - This is the information that your doctor goes
by when he wants to learn about or prescribe Sonata (this is a PDF
File - give it a few seconds to load)
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Patient Information - similar to the flyer you get at the drugstore
when you fill a prescription for Sonata.
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Zolpimist(TM)  Zolpidem Tartrate Oral Spray

Zolpimist contains the same active ingredient as Ambien but it in oral spray form, similar to breath sprays.  It is available in 5mg and 10mg strengths.  You spray a metered dose into your mouth where it is rapidly absorbed through the oral mucosa.
See Also:
Zolpimist Press Release 12/22/2008

Experimental (Unapproved) Sleeping Pills

Indiplon (Neurocrine, Pfizer)

Indiplon is an experimental sleeping pill that was developed by
Neurocrine Bioscience, a small biotech company located in San Diego

Indiplon is a non-benzodiazapine agent that acts on a specific site of the
GABA-A receptor. Indiplon has been shown to bind selectively to the
specific subtype of GABA-A receptors within the brain believed to be
responsible for promoting sleep.

Indiplon is said to work in a similar manner as Ambien, Sonata and Lunesta.  In laboratory experiments, indiplon was shown to be
ten times more powerful than Ambien.

By enhancing the action of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA
indiplon stimulates the  BZ1 or Alpha1 of the GABA-A receptor in the
brain making you sleepy.

Neurocrine had hoped to have indiplon approved for sleep initiation,
sleep maintenance and long term use.   

Indiplon's claim to fame is that it gets into the bloodstream rapidly
and stays in the body for a short period of time.  This allows for indiplon
to make you fall asleep fast but also leave the body fast so you won't
feel groggy the next morning.

According to the Neurocrine Website, indiplon has been tested on 7,500
test patients.  All of these experiments have shown that indiplon works
fast and also wears off fast.

It is unlikely that Indiplon will be launched any time soon.  The companies
involved with Indiplon were dealt a setback in May, 2006 when the FDA
rejected the 15mg time-release version of the drug.  In June of 2007, Neurocrine resubmitted its application for Indiplon.  At the time of this writing, yheat application is pending.

See Also:

Brief Overview of Indiplon
Neurological Drugs To Watch …[ Forbes; Matthew Herper ]

Neurocrine Submits New Drug Application (NDA) for Indiplon Modified
Release Tablets for the Treatment of Insomnia … The two formulations
of indiplon will be an important advance in allowing physicians to tailor treatment to help improve patients' individual insomnia symptoms and,
as a result, sleep quality. Clinical trials consistently showed that patients fell sleep quickly and stayed asleep longer when modified release tablets were taken at bedtime …[ Neurocrine Biosciences Press Release ]

Neurocrine Biosciences Website
Overview of Indiplon and the insomnia marketplace …  indiplon is a
non-benzodiazepine sleep-promoting drug that produces its effects by
enhancing the action of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA… Like
Ambien and Sonata it has shown specific binding for BZ1 or Alpha1 of
the GABA-A receptor and is therefore different from the classical
benzodiazepines. This receptor specificity is thought to minimize the
unwanted side effects associated with the benzodiazepine
compounds …[ Neurocrine Bioscience Web Site]

Would you like to learn more about indiplon?
See Also> Recent newspaper and magazine articles on indiplon
See Also> Click Here to search the scientific literature on indiplon

Gaboxadol (Merck, Lundbeck)

Gaboxadol is an investigational sleeping drug that acts by interacting directly with the GABA receptors of the brain.  Supposedly, Gaboxadol is able to induce and prolong sleep without adversely affecting REM sleep (the dreaming stage of sleep).

Gaboxadol was being developed by Merck and Lundbeck (a large
Danish pharmaceutical company).  Merck and Lundbeck claimed they would launch gaboxadol in the United States in late 2006 or 2007.  However, in March of 2007, work on gaboxadol was discontinued due to safety concerns.

Recent Gaboxadol News:
Work Stops on Gaboxadol
Merck, Lundbeck scrap insomnia drug after trials ... Merck & Co. and H. Lundbeck A/S are ending studies of experimental insomnia drug
gaboxadol due to disappointing effectiveness and worrisome side effects
in late-stage trials ... [ Reuters ]
See Also: Recent newspaper reports that mention "gaboxadol"
See Also > Medline Search For "Gaboxadol"

VEC - 162 (Vanda)

VEC - 162 is an experimental sleeping pill from tiny biotech company Vanda.  Vanda is located in Rockville, MD.

In press releases, Vamda describes VEC-162 as being a "melatonin
receptor agonist" .  They claim that VEC-162 works by resetting the
body's internal clock.  Vanda also claims that VEC-162 may be useful in
the treatment of depression.

In clinical trials, test subjects were treated with VEC-162 in doses of 10,
20, 50 and 100 mg.  The trials indicated that the use of VEC-162 was
associated with a statistically significant (p<0.025) shift in circadian
rhythm at 50 and 100 mg of up to 5 hours in the first night.

At the time of this writing, little is known about VEC-162 other than the
generally positive data that Vanda has released to the public, mostly in
the form of press releases.

Recent News regarding VEC-162
Vanda Hypes Melatonin Modulating Sleeping Pill
Vanda discovers success with sleeping drug trials … helped bring on
and maintain sleep to increase the participants' total sleep time by up
to nearly 48 minutes, depending on dosage … facilitates natural sleep, which may be why the compound does not appear to be associated with next-day effects seen with many other approved drugs …[ Washington Business Journal]
Vanda Pharmaceuticals' VEC-162 Demonstrates Positive Results in a
Phase III Transient Insomnia Clinical Trial … VEC-162, a balanced
melatonin receptor agonist, in transient insomnia. VEC-162 demonstrated
statistically significant improvements at all three tested doses compared
to placebo (p<0.001) in the primary endpoint of the trial, Latency to
Persistent Sleep (LPS), a measure of sleep onset. VEC-162 also produced
statistically significant improvements relative to placebo in Latency to
Non-Awake (LNA)…[Vanda Press Release ]

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